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Robbie Gould on reporting to the 49ers if he’s not traded: I’m not going to commit to making a decision right now

The Saga continues...

San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

We are under a week away from the deadline for players who have the franchise tag designation to sign multi-year deals with their teams. There has been zero indication that the San Francisco 49ers and kicker Robbie Gould are going to reach an agreement.

The weekly update with Gould continues. He recently spoke with Cam Inman of Mercury News. The inevitable question came up: Would Gould report to the team at any point if they don’t trade him? Here’s what Gould said:

“I’m not going to commit to making any decision right now. I don’t really have a plan right now. Obvious there is a deadline and I don’t have to make any decisions anytime soon. The deadline to sign a long-term contract is Monday, and the rest of that [potential holdout] is up to me.”

Gould hasn’t made it any secret that he wants to play closer to his family with the Chicago Bears. On Wednesday, Gould said that he “never said I want to go back there” and wants to play closer to home. We see this in the NBA a lot. Where star players demand trades, that’s a league run by stars. The NFL cannot say the same, and a kicker—even a historically good one—probably isn’t going to get his way.

I don’t think the deadline in four days is a big deal. I’m more interested to see if Gould reports the Friday before Week 1, or if he does holdout indeed into the season and John Lynch gives in and trades Gould.