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Should the NFL go to an 18-game season?

Owners have reportedly proposed 18 games, with a 16-game limit for each player

San Francisco 49ers Rookie Camp Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

On Friday, Pro Football Talk reported that owners had proposed an 18-game season, with a 16-game-per-player limit. The league has been talking about extending the regular season schedule for years. For the first time, we see some tangible movement on the subject. Like anything else involving the shield, this is a blatant money grab.

If you have questions, get in line. We all do. Is the incentive here to get off to a fast start, that way you can rest your players down the line? Hypothetically—assuming that this was passed already— if the San Francisco 49ers enter Week 7 4-2, would they sit all of their starters against Washington? Or let’s go later on in the season, it’s the final game on the road against the Seahawks, Jimmy Garoppolo needs to sit out, in what world is this logical, outside of money?

I suppose you can look at it like every team has two bye weeks during the 18-game schedule. There are more problems than solutions, though. If you can’t have your players play in every game, you’re all but admitting that you have too many games. Also, it’s imperative you expand the rosters if this were to be done. Too many injuries. Too many adverse outcomes if you don’t.

So, what do you think? Should the league expand the regular season to 18 games? What are some other hurdles they’d need to overcome?