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NFL reverts officials to part-time status

Uh, NFL, do you remember what happened the last time you went down this road?

NFL officials are getting more scrutinized than ever, especially with some blatant blown calls like the pass interference non-call in the playoffs. You’d think the NFL would work to get their officials more time studying a rule book. Instead, the NFL does the most NFL thing ever and moved full-time officiating back to part-time.

ESPN’s Kevin Seifert reports that as a result of the labor discussions, the NFL has reverted its full-time officials back to part-time status. This doesn’t impact much for 2019, most officials are working full-time schedules during the season. It’s the offseason where they won’t be doing much of anything now.

Seven years can be a long time and things can be forgotten in that timespan I suppose. Last time there were work disputes was in 2012 when the NFL failed to get a new collective bargaining agreement with its officials and brought in the replacement refs. The resulting clown show gave the world the Fail Mary, an incident so embarrassing that the NFL sped up negotiations to get its officials back the week after the incident.

One would think the NFL would get their officials everything needed to correctly call games, but this is the NFL we’re talking about here. While NFL officiating will always be the subject of jokes, you haven’t seen how bad it can get unless you saw the replacement officials. Apparently, the NFL has forgotten how bad things can get with this move. The current labor deal runs through May 2020. Wondering if the replacement refs make a return isn’t entirely off base.

If that happens? Heh, you thought that pass interference no-call in the playoffs was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet.