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Robbie Gould not sure if he’ll be playing football for the 49ers


No one knows what Robbie Gould is going to do in 2019, including Robbie Gould. When he joined the Murph & Mac show they spent all of twenty seconds of introductions before asking him about his uncertain future and if he’d be playing for the San Francisco 49ers in 2019.

“I don’t know,” he responded. “My agent is going to handle it all, and I’m just excited to be out here playing golf, and excited to be home with my family and hanging out. It will take care of itself the way it’s supposed to, and I’ll let my agent handle it. If something comes up, they’ll let me know.”

Gould is competing in the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament this week at Edgewood Tahoe and has made himself available to the media a few times. His contract and deadline for a long-term extension has been a common subject.

The deadline to work out extensions for players with the franchise tag is July 15th, but that deadline is the least of the 49ers’ worries. Forget 2020 and beyond, Gould has yet to sign his tender for 2019. He could show up a day before Week 1, he could decide to sit out the entire season similar to how running back Le’Veon Bell sat out his franchise tag with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bell went to the New York Jets when 2019 free agency began.

Bell’s extension was one of money, Gould’s has been one of proximity. He’s been vocal about being close to his kids in Chicago. While that has had some speculate he wants to return to the Chicago Bears, Gould has said that is not the case. He wants to be close, but not necessarily in Chicago.

“There’s deadlines and things that will kind of take part,” Gould said on Murph and Mac. “My agent, like I said, I got to the point where I just wanted him to handle it. I don’t want to deal with it. I don’t want to focus on it. We have things, deadlines, that the CBA allows to happen, and you [make] decisions as those happen.”