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Watch Terrell Owens break down The Catch 2

An oldie but goodie by the Hall of Fame wide receiver

We are getting closer to the 2019 season and have a chance to see the San Francisco 49ers hopefully add some more good moments to their rich history. That said, it’s always good looking up the greatest moments from that history.

There’s a great post on where Joe Fann sits down with Terrell Owens to watch some film. And if you’re going to watch some film, why not watch film of the play that defined Owens’ career? The Catch 2.

Owens has some great insight on what was going on in the NFC Divisional against Steve Young, what he was thinking before his number was called and what he was thinking in the moment.

I can’t get the video into the post, so you’ll need to head on over to to watch it. It’s really some great insight on Owens’ catch and the circumstances surrounding it. Talking about that play never gets old, and it’s even better with Owens talking about it. If you wantt he actual play, I can get that*

Owens gets inducted into the 49ers Hall of Fame this season.

*no guarentees you can actually watch it here because of DMCA, but give it a shot*