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What 49ers jersey are you investing in this year?

It’s always around this time when some start to get their gear for the NFL season, anyone got your eye?

With training camp coming up, I had an epiphany: I need to get my jersey situation figured out.

My jersey collection consists of a retro Joe Montana, a Frank Gore, and a Patrick Willis Super Bowl 47 jersey. All of them awesome and all of them out of date. I figured this year would be a good time to drop the ridiculous $300 dollars on one of those elite jerseys, but then came the hard decision on which player to invest in.

Jimmy Garoppolo is an obvious option. Last year he actually was moving some of the most merchandise in the NFL. This year he hasn’t been so much of a mover, but the quarterback is always a good go-to jersey choice. There’s also unique players like Trent Taylor who offered to send replacements to anyone who bought his jersey.

For me, I’m actually leaning towards George Kittle. He’s a guy I could actually see myself having a beer with and talking wrestling and video games. He also helped propel me to being the undisputed fantasy champion last year since I owned him in all my leagues. I know the players tend to hate fantasy football for obvious reasons, but it was still awesome that he was my boy in that. So Kittle will probably be the investment.

Jersey’s are always a risky thing. They are so bloody expensive and you run the risk of your name underperforming, or worse, getting traded/released in a year. When the top-line jerseys are in the $300 range, you definitely are making an investment hoping to keep that name around so your jersey isn’t dated. Even after the player switches teams or retires, there’s a certain history and nostalgia for the time you spent wearing it. Ben Ammar, who will be joining us for our fantasy football talks on Facebook Live soon, had a Vernon Davis elite jersey given to him as a gift and refused to update it because he was such a Davis fan. Then of course, someone broke into his apartment and stole the jersey instead of his PS4 (this is a true story).

So I’m leaning on Kittle. Are any of you looking to update your jersey collection? If so, who? Do you have a go-to jersey to wear on gameday? Who is it?