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Golden Nuggets: Any creative ways to do a fantasy football draft?

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday, July 14th 2019

We’re getting to the tail end of this dead period of football. Training camp will be beginning soon and things will be picking up over here.

And once again, my fantasy draft will be dependent on the NFL preseason. My league does our draft order a bit weird, we pick the winners of NFL preseason. The person with the most correct winners get to choose where they will select in our draft. From there it goes down the list. This actually gets me more interested in preseason than I ever would otherwise. Week 4 is used for tiebreakers and that’s where nails really get bit.

I know a lot of you who play fantasy just use the RNG (random number generator) that is standard with the big draft applications, others have funny ways they do draft order like having a dog choose from several different bowls to eat from.

Anyone have any creative ways? While you think on that, I have some links.

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Big plays may become a staple for 49ers WR Dante Pettis (Madson)

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