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Check out this sweet Mitch Wishnowsky hang time


For weeks we’ve been talking about the awesome that is San Francisco 49ers fourth-round draft choice and new punter Mitch Wishnowsky. We’ve already talked about how he’s 6-6 on plus-50 punts, and how Trent Taylor has endorsed him.

There was one burning question: hang time. What is the hang time on these punts of glory? Well, look no further than our own Alex Tran to get us video of some sick 5.26 second hang time. Roll it:

We’ll just end the day with that. Now, to address the arguments and negativity that I’m expecting in the comments. Yes, I know this is just him shirtless kicking a ball. Yes, I know that this not training camp. Yes, we need to see him in pads with 11 guys coming for his leg.

But I don’t care. 5.26 seconds if 5.26 seconds. Mitch Wishnowsky is our punter and until he does a drop-kick onside kick that loses the 49ers a playoff game, he’s the man.

Punters man, punters.