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Breaking down salary numbers, option on Robbie Gould’s extension

Both sides were far apart on a deal, but then you just call Paraag Marathe at dial-a-contract.

Two words: Paraag Marathe.

The San Francisco 49ers executive spent his weekend working on Robbie Gould’s long-term deal with Gould’s agent, Brian Mackler. The 49ers and Gould have been far apart on a deal for months and over the weekend, picked up the pace to get things done. Adam Schefter broke the news and he followed things up with some details on ESPN concerning Gould’s option.

Per Schefter, the option to extend Gould’s two-year deal to four lies on the 49ers’ shoulders. The deadline to exercise it is on Week 17 (the 49ers final game) of the 2020 season. The 49ers would guarantee $2.25 million upon doing so and another $2.25 on April 1, 2021.

The deal includes a $3 million signing bonus and $3.15 million guaranteed for 2019. His 2020 $4.35 million salary is also guaranteed. If the option is picked up, the deal includes $4.5 million base salary in 2021 and a $4 million base salary in 2022

The option was something Mackler and Marathe installed on Sunday which Schefter says, “gave each side comfort.”

Gould wanted his long-term deal and he got it. He also is playing in 2019 for less than what the franchise tag would have paid him.

He spent his weekend working, but Marathe got the deal done. This one is a bit out of the 49ers comfort zone as far as team-friendly, but they get the most accurate kicker in 2018 for a few more years.