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Nick Bosa, Deebo Samuel left to be signed

One down, two to go

With the 49ers locking Robbie Gould down for a possible four more years, another contract task on John Lynch’s list is knocked out. That leaves two rookies: Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel.

Both have yet to get their first deals in the NFL. Bosa and Samuel were the 49ers’ first and second picks in the 2019 NFL draft respectively. At this point, the lack of deals is nothing alarming. Bosa’s in particular has to do with offset language. Kyle broke down on what the hold-up is on Bosa here. As for Samuel, the same things apply, mostly offset language. When agents and teams have something to fight over, they’ll fight it.

Remember, the 2011 collective bargaining agreement has slotted salaries for NFL rookies. The money given out corresponds with draft order. That means the hold-up for either of these two is not compensation. It’s the guarantees incase either of Bosa or Samuel doesn’t play up to expectations and the 49ers decide to go in a different direction. Things like dead money are what’s playing into this now.

The 49ers have some time before training camp gets going. The big deadline was Robbie Gould, who as a recipient of the franchise tag had until 1:00 p.m. Monday afternoon to get an extension ironed out. Many wondered if Gould would be playing in 2019 even if under the franchise tag given the background surrounding it.

The rookies are a bit of a different story. Unless something alarming were to come out on social media that they don’t want to be there, these should (hopefully) get wrapped before training camp begins on July 26.