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49ers get an 83 team rating in Madden 20

Middle of the road, this seems adequate

Madden 20 is just around the corner, and we’ve already gone over various player ratings, but one rating we haven’t touched on is the one designated for the team. The San Francisco 49ers in at the middle of the road with an 83 rating.

The 49ers share the 83 ratings with four other teams; the Minnesota Vikings, the Houston Texans, Washington, and the Cleveland Browns.

The No. 1 rated team was the Philadelphia Eagles at 89 and the Dallas Cowboys at 88. The 49ers are the second highest-rated NFC West team and in front of the Seattle Seahawks (81).

I know with the rating comes huge debate, but when you look at where the 49ers are in relation to the rest of the league, I’m okay with where they are. Part of the reason ratings are so close together is so someone doesn’t have a competitive advantage in multiplayer. The numbers do affect things; when Madden doesn’t want you to win, it will go out of its way to make sure you do not with fumbles, phantom interceptions, etc.

What’s most interesting is the highest-rated team doesn’t even make the 90s. It’s understandable to have some leeway for those midseason adjustments when a team is on fire, but the highest-rated team in the high-80s has always seemed odd.

What do you think of these ratings? Are you fine with where the 49ers are at?