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Nine 49ers turned....very old

Football is almost here!

Good afternoon. This is going to be the most important thing you’ve ever read on the internet.

FaceApp, which has been popular for a couple of years now, is back. Fans of teams around the NFL have gone to social media to share what their favorite athletes look like using the grandpa filter. Without wasting any more time, here are nine San Francisco 49ers with the filter.

Joe Staley looks like Kevin’s dad from Home Alone. He also looks like the old guy happy guy at the bar that won’t shut up about his fantasy football team.

Jimmy Garoppolo looks like a politician to be or a guy that will convince you to say yes about something you had no interest in.

Richard Sherman looks like “Pops” on Friday. You can definitely catch him yelling at kids in the park.

George Kittle is 100% the old man at the gym that wants to prove to you he’s “still got it.”

John Lynch will star in the next “Grumpy Old Men.”

I will let you have some fun with Deforest Buckner, Dante Pettis, Kyle Shanahan, and Kyle Jusczcyk.

UPDATE 3:38: The above pic of Pettis was supposed to be a joke. Babyface. He looks like a dude that will never age. Here’s what old Dante would look like:

Nine more days until football! Enjoy your afternoon.