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2019 Schedule Wallpapers

Time to outfit your devices with wallpapers, courtesy of Better Rivals

It’s time for your annual device makeover.

Each year, Better Rivals creative director Joce Bossin puts together high some high quality wallpapers to ring in the upcoming season and this year, he highlights two podcast favorites. Matt Breida (CHOO CHOOOO! ) and George Kittle carry the 2019 mantle; an extension of all the work they did in 2018.

Pay no attention to the Better Rivals wallpaper curse. Colin Kaepernick, NaVorro Bowman, Reuben Foster, Jimmy Garoppolo... these players clearly had brittle constitutions and were in no way affected by their appearance on your desktop background. These two players are locks to play a full 19 game season. And, of course, George Kittle comes in with a little extra grit.

The wallpaper download includes desktop and mobile versions of both players. There are two mobile versions per wallpaper. The one with the schedule is for your lock screen. The other is for your home screen and removes the schedule to account for icons. We’re not trying to make you see a sailboat. (Pro tip if you’re on an iPhone: Save to your phone. Don’t save to files.)