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Brian Baldinger breaks down Joe Staley

When Baldy Breakdowns concern the 49ers, we talk about them, period.

Brian Baldinger does the best breakdowns, and it’s not even close. As you know, when he talks about the 49ers, good or bad, we have to talk about it and today he does one on the anchor of the offensive line, Joe Staley.

It’s not quite up to the vernacular of comparing the 49ers to the Keystone Cops when they played the Giants, but he does bring up some good points on the 49ers going into 2019. His points echo a lot of what he said in his recent radio appearance.

“There’s no problem with talent [with the 49ers], there’s no problem with scheme,” Baldinger says as he breaks this down. “This is how the 49ers need to play to win the NFC West.”

Can Week 1 get here already?