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Peter King endorses the 2019 49ers

High praise from one of the biggest journalists in football

Normally, when a sports journalist talks about the San Francisco 49ers, we highlight it here, use select quotes and call it a post.

Well, unless that journalist is Peter King. Remember, King was the one who spent 24 hours with John Lynch during the 2017 draft. So the history is there, but he doesn’t have a dog in this fight.

King was on 95.7 the game to chat with Damon Bruce about the future of the 2019 San Francisco 49ers. King shovels on some more of the recent praise the 49ers have been getting prior to the start of the season and brings some great data along with it.

Rather than pick a few select quotes, I’d rather just get what King says about the 49ers in its entirety. Mr. King, the floor is yours:

“When John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan got this gig and they signed six-year contracts, they certainly didn’t expect to be entering year 3 with a lot of people saying “are these the right guys?” I am still bullish on them [Lynch and Shanahan], and I’m still bullish on the 49ers as an organization and a team. When I ranked teams in the offseason, I ranked them in my top 10 in the league. I think they’re going to make a big jump this year. Because I think Jimmy Garoppolo is going to have a very good year. Basically what has happened the first two years of the Kyle Shanahan era, is that he has had to make major changes in his offense and his offensive philosophy and ultimately his playcalling, because he didn’t have the quarterback in place that he planned to have in place long-term. So there was only, at the end of the ‘17 season he had one month with Garoppolo and last year he basically had two or three weeks. This is a golden year for the 49ers in my opinion because we’re going to be able to see what Kyle Shanahan has in Jimmy Garoppolo and what Jimmy Garoppolo can do over the long haul. I’m not like I think a lot of my peers in this business—and I say this with all due respect because obviously we’re all going to disagree on things—but I think one of the most dangerous things you can do in trying to project how teams are going to do the next year is look at what they did last year in a vacuum and look at the raw numbers. I think the 49ers are going to be better and significantly better, and look nobody can predict quarterback health. Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers last year were the absolute outliers in the quarterback situation around the NFL. In 2017, starting quarterbacks in the NFL missed 111 combined starts. In 2018, starting quarterbacks in the NFL missed 60 starts. Think about it. Basically Jimmy Garoppolo was a fifth of those. To me, they were the outlier last year. If they had Garoppolo for 16 games, I think they’d have been knocking on the door in December. ”

So there you have it. Not only would the 49ers have been knocking on the door in 2018, King believes that the 49ers are going to be significantly better in 2019. Can they be? They have the tools to do so. It’s a matter of them getting healthy and being able to take the next step.

In a recent Baldy Breakdown, Brian Baldinger said talent and scheme were not the problem with the 49ers. Again, it’s just a matter of being consistent and taking that next step.

It’s always good when people talk good things about the 49ers. You can hear the entire segment using the widget above, or click here if it doesn’t appear.