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Golden Nuggets: Is 8-8 acceptable?

Thursday, July 18th, 2019 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Outside predictions are telling. If someone tells you, they watched the San Francisco 49ers offense the last two years, and says, “the fullback isn’t valuable in Kyle Shanahan’s offense,” they probably skimmed over some box scores. Sports Illustrated’s Conor Orr gave his season predictions for the NFL. He didn’t go into too much detail. I’m sure those will come the closer we get to the season.

Orr predicted the Niners would go 8-8. Here’s what he had to say:

A lot of people are pegging this as the year that everything finally materializes in San Francisco. The problem? Their division is tough, and they have a super early bye week. There’s a chance the 49ers glide into Week 4 at 2-1 or even 3-0 (Bengals, Steelers, Buccaneers), but the meat of their schedule is backloaded with little respite. They finish Saints-Falcons-Rams-Seahawks.

I think we can all agree that it’s imperative the 49ers get off to a fast start. That goes for any team, but knowing what the last month or so looks like, you don’t want to get into must-win situations with multiple games to play. Everyone is just expecting the Los Angeles Rams and the Seattle Seahawks to not miss a beat, despite some of the losses over the offseason. You guys have watched this sport long enough to know it doesn’t work that way. No offense loses Doug Baldwin and gets better.

If the Niners are to make the playoffs, I tend to think it’s because the two teams take a step back. Orr predicted the Rams would go 13-3, and the Seahawks to go 11-5. Sweet Christmas! He’s not so confident in the Arizona Cardinals. He predicted Kliff Kingsbury goes 3-13.

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