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Throwback Thursday: Training camp is right around the corner!

Ricky Helton gives us a photo gallery from last season

With the San Francisco 49ers training camp starting next week, I know the 49ers faithful is getting excited about the upcoming season.

I wanted to share some of our photos from last season, as well as a few other images that I have.

If you haven’t purchased your tickets to the 49ers training camp, I highly recommend that you do. If you geek out over 49ers football, there’s no better view than standing a few feet away from some of your favorite players—both from the present and past.

Let the new players feel and hear your presence this training camp/season! Another nice thing about showing up to training camp is that all proceeds go towards the 49ers Foundation, which helps so many in our community.

The only thing missing will be all of the tailgates. That’s not allowed at training camp, just an FYI. There will be music and football, though. Not just any football, 49ers football.

Hope you enjoy the Photo Gallery, and let’s go Niners!!!!