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What happens first: The 49ers make the playoffs, or the Patriots make the Super Bowl?

Kentucky Derby 145 - Atmosphere Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Churchill Downs

This morning on “Good Morning Football,” the crew debated which will happen; first, the San Francisco 49ers making the playoffs, or the New England Patriots making another Super Bowl. It’s a fun question to entertain in July when there is not much else to discuss.

The host, Kay Adams, said she believes the Patriots will make another Super Bowl first based on a “gut feeling” from being at the last Super Bowl and thinking that won’t be the last time Tom Brady makes the big game. Okay. She believes the Patriots will make it to the Super Bowl again this year. History tells us that’s a safe bet.

Former NFL star cornerback Deangelo Hall picked New England as well. He said his answer has more to do with the division the Niners play in. He believes San Francisco is facing more of an uphill battle, and “Jimmy Garoppolo doesn’t quite look like who we thought we were going to see.” Hall is going with the most consistent team. Again, it’s tough to bet against the Patriots, no matter how annoying they are.

Here’s the quick discussion:

Is the question really just asking will the 49ers make the playoffs this year? If the almighty Pats are going to repeat. The window closes once Tom Brady retires, whenever that is. The AFC West has proven to be a joke. The path to the playoffs presents far more resistance for the 49ers, but a few breaks here and there could land them into the playoffs and that wouldn’t surprise anybody.

What do you think?


What happens first?

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    The Patriots make it to the Super Bowl
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