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Aaron Rodgers endorses the 49ers’ scheme

Considering he’s going to be using it in 2019, it’s probably good he likes it.

So this is a nice, casual interview. Chris Simms walked with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers while the latter played some golf to talk about the Packers’ upcoming season.

You might be wondering why we’re talking about that on a 49ers site, well that’s because Rodgers endorsed the scheme that Packers rookie head coach Matt LaFleur is installing. A scheme that has roots with Kyle Shanahan. Going a bit further, Rodgers was talking about how the 49ers, in particular, had a sound scheme:

Rodgers: “The scheme works. You look around, the scheme works.”

Simms: “Oh I know, my buddy Kyle Shanahan—”

Rodgers: “Yeah! I mean, the stuff they [the 49ers] did against us this year in San Fran, it was unbelievable.”

Simms: “Is it unbelievable? How they get people open?”

Rodgers; “We were watching on the sidelines like, ‘That’s pretty cool.’”

Simms: “I know, they cracked the code.”

Rodgers: “It works.”

Rodgers isn’t afraid to be vocal about the latest trends and fads in football. When the read-option starting making the rounds at the professional level, he dismissed it as a simple fad. These comments were made after Colin Kaepernick gashed the Packers in the playoffs for 181 yards rushing and 263 yards passing out of the pistol.

Things are a bit different, I mean, Rodgers is about to use the scheme he’s talking about so it’s not like he can bash it openly. He praises it with some emotion, so it appears sincere.

Either way, it’s nice when one of the best current quarterbacks in the league has good things to say about the offense the 49ers run.

If you can’t see the video above, click here.