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George Kittle is a beast at the gym, that is all

There’s football players working out and then there’s Kittle working out. They are not the same.

Man, can training camp get here so the slow parts of the year are over? That’s ok, there’s still lots of good things to find on social media and none as grandiose as George Kittle in the gym.

Except it’s not just in the gym, it’s him being a freak and benching over 300 lbs. Then there’s that back workout where he’s not just getting the back involved but balancing what looks like a 45-pound plate on his stomach.

I mean. Well. Roll it!

Ok, so the HIIT run (is that HIIT? I think...) that’s pretty tame. Impressive, but tame. Then comes him repping out six on that bench press and then you realize who this guy is.

When this tweet entered my social media feed, I was actually at the gym, finishing up and feeling good for my eight reps at 225. Of course, this appears and I’m now feeling small and weak inside to the power of one George Krieger Kittle.

Usually, during the summer, I try to amp up my training as a sort of “training with the team” motif. This year because of my personal life, I simply did not have time to dedicate like years prior. After seeing this I realize just how out of shape I am, and how old I am getting.

After football, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kittle in the WWE, but I’m now wondering if he can do some Beachbody infomercial and have his own version of Insanity, replacing Shawn T. It might very well destroy me, but I’d totally do that with him barking orders at me and telling me to put a plate on my stomach.

So, all that randomness has me wondering: anyone got some good training splits or workouts they’ve been doing this summer they want to share? Diet ideas? Ketosis?