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What is your least favorite NFL rule?

NFL: DEC 17 Titans at 49ers Photo by Douglas Stringer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL is continually making changes to the way the game is played. The most recent being the updated pass interference replay rules. It’s not always that drastic. It can be as simple as moving the ball up five yards on a kickoff. You’ll see some changes regarding player safety, and others come after something went wrong the season before.

Today’s question of the day is, what is your least favorite NFL rule?

It’s tough to limit your answer to just one. Trying to figure out what a catch is and isn’t would make a great game show. Nobody knows. I don’t know why we even pretend like we do.

The “fumble-out-of-the-end-zone” rule is a joke. The lack of consistency drives me nuts. So you mean to tell me that anywhere else on the field where a fumble takes place, and the ball goes out of bounds, the offense retains possession. If it happens in the back of the end zone, the defense takes over? How did we get here? The tough part would be finding a solution where the majority would agree. I’m not sure, but I’m sure after a couple of hours of back-and-forth, we could resolve that.

How would you fix the fumble-out-of-the-end-zone rule? What is your least favorite NFL rule?