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Golden Nuggets: The end of the offseason approaches

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday, July 21st 2019

Thank goodness the offseason is beginning to seep away, I’m ready for some football to start up. Preseason has its own issues, but I think since we’re so deprived of football by this point, we just ignore the quality of the preseason and get excited. Besides, preseason isn’t THAT bad. At least if you have a team you like to watch.

As for me, it will be nice to actually have something to write about. There’s just nothing happening right now. You have to crawl through threads to find a take of some sorts to bring back and discuss. Man...I want something new!

So, on my end, here’s what I got planned this year: we start the fantasy videos on Facebook live this week. Mosey over there and hang out with Ben and I as we talk about how to get 49ers players on your team and go half-homer.

Also, the halftime shows are in fact returning yet again. Yeah, they usually turn into us just dinking around and talking video games (and also people asking if my couch was for sale?)—but that was because of how the season was turning out last year. Who wanted to talk about the 49ers getting beat for the upteenth time?

Other than that, I’m quite optimistic for this season. I do have lowered expectations after what I was subjected to last year, but I’m once again not trying to convince myself everything is going to work out when in fact, it’s a dumpster fire (Chip Kelly, Jim Tomsula).

Anyways, when Week 1 of the preseason rolls around, make sure you head to the Niners Nation Facebook page. Me and my beard will once again have our own brand of silliness at halftime.

And that’s all I got about the upcoming season. Here are some links:

49ers impressed by ‘different Solomon’ Thomas a year after tragedy (Chan)

Can Jimmy Garoppolo break 49ers’ single-season passing yards record? (Madson)

7 Days till Camp: Will Nick Bosa be able to stay healthy? (KNBR)

Deebo Samuel leads all WRs in Offensive Rookie of the Year odds (Madson)

What a horrible night to have a curse...