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Where would you rank DeForest Buckner in the 2016 draft class?

Still just can’t help but think he’s not getting respect

One of the storylines we’ll be sure to follow in 2019 is DeForest Buckner. One year ago, we were calling him DPOY around these parts and campaigning for him to get Defensive Player of the Year. He didn’t quite get to that status, but he was still a force on the field, the only thing more impressive than Buckner on the field was the disrespect he got from the media and analysts off it. DPOY or not (he wasn’t), Buckner was omitted from anything defensive line related to the point where it was near ridiculous.

It got me wondering, forget defense, where do you rank DeForest Buckner among the 2016 draft class? There were some amazing players out of that class. Jalen Ramsey, Michael Thomas, Joey Bosa; terrific players.

Where would you put Buckner on that list? Was he one of the top 10?

You might be wondering why I ask this. Over at, analyst David Carr wanted to try this analysis thing again with his top-10 players out of the 2016 draft class. Buckner isn’t on the list. We all can accept that Buckner is not the best player out of that class when you look at that crop of names above. Not top-5, maybe the end of the top-10. Maybe. It still seems strange when at the end of the list he’s debating on putting Derrick Henry on it.

Sorry, but Buckner was far better than Henry.

You might be wondering why I bring this Carr article up. Well for one thing, it’s David Carr. The same guy who said Joe Montana was not a top-10 quarterback. That alone does not bode well for your credibility. For another, is Buckner still not getting respect?

Given the depth of the 2016 draft class leaving Buckner off of it in favor of someone else could be apples to oranges. But when you’re considering Henry at No. 10, the entire list is going to come under question.

Look at the 2016 draft class. Where do you think DeForest Buckner falls with it? Would he be a top-10 player? Heck, I don’t know. What do you think?