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Dee Ford joined Good Morning football to talk 49ers banners, Nick Bosa, and expectations

GMFB also talked about Deforest Buckner being a Defensive Player of the Year candidate

San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

Good Morning Football has been showing the San Francisco 49ers plenty of love this summer, and Tuesday morning was no different. They started the show by discussing who should be considered as a Defensive Player of the Year candidate this season besides the obvious names like Aaron Donald, Khalil Mack, and Von Miller. Peter Schrager gave his argument on why it should be Deforest Buckner.

Dee Ford joined the show Tuesday morning to discuss some of his teammates, his 2018 season, and the 49ers tradition. Here’s what he had to say:

“You don’t understand it as player. When you see the banners up, you say this is the real deal.”

That’s quite the recruiting pitch. $80 million isn’t too shabby, either. Ford continued:

“It feels amazing. First of all, being at the facility, it’s sort of a reminder of how established they are. This is real. The 49ers is a very storied franchise, and I’m definitely happy to be a part of it.”

Ford mentioned how he was coming off his second back surgery, and being healthy allowed him to be more consistent, which, in turn, had a lot to do with his success in 2018. If Ford plays a full season, he will produce.

It wouldn’t be a 49ers segment if there weren’t a question about Nick Bosa. Ford addressed his interactions with Bosa:

“Let me just say this: I met the person. The person is a great guy. That’s the first step. I understand what was said before he even came, step foot on the facility. The person is great and that contributes to what comes out on the field, the product you put out on the field. That person is great. Of course, the athletic things will show on the field, so I’m looking forward to seeing what he will do.”

These players are going to spend an incredible amount of time with each other. Relationships will be built, and the past will be forgiven. It seems like the roster is mature enough to understand that they can only judge Bosa by the interactions they’ve had with each other.

Check out the rest of the interview below where Ford talks about Jimmy Garoppolo, and much more: