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71-80: An uphill climb for players no the wrong end of a numbers game

One sleeper, according to Fred Warner

Denver Broncos versus the Green Bay Packers Photo by John Leyba/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Yesterday, we kicked off the San Francisco 49ers 90-man roster rankings. With eight voters, you’ll end up with a guy like Linebacker Mark Nzeocha getting a vote in the 30s as well as the 80s. That’s the beauty of this sport. Two people can watch the same player, or play, even, and come away with two completely different takeaways.

We are on to the next ten players, featuring a UDFA that got Fred Warner’s attention this spring.

80. Malik Henry, WR (High: 64, Low: 80, KP: 78)

Henry is caught up in a numbers game. He’s also 178 pounds. He ran a 4.41 40-yard dash, so the speed isn’t an issue. It is quite the jump to go from West Georgia to the NFL. Henry will have to put on a show early and often to get noticed by a team that spent two early draft picks on wide receivers.

79. LaRoy Reynolds, LB (High: 76, Low: 86, KP: 83)

This will be Reynolds’ seventh team since 2013.

78. Max McCaffrey, WR (High: 70, Low: 82, KP: 70)

With the additions at wide receiver, it’ll be tough for McCaffrey to make the roster. McCaffrey played a total of five snaps in 2018 for the 49ers. My prediction? McCaffrey leads the Niners in receiving yards. During the preseason.

77. Kapron Lewis-Moore, DL (High: 69, Low: 85, KP: 79)

Lewis-Moore didn’t play a snap during 2018. He hasn’t recorded a statistic since 2015. He finds himself on the outside looking in and is more than likely a camp body. Like the players mentioned above, Lewis-Moore is caught up in a numbers game. He would have to stand out to stick around into September.

76. Christian DiLauro, OT (High: 71, Low: 81, KP: 74)

DiLauro was a UDFA on the Cleveland Browns a year ago. He did not play for them, though. He comes into 49ers camp trying to beat out the likes of Justin Skule, Daniel Brunskill, and Shon Coleman. Coleman has the experience and the skill so that will be tough sledding for DiLauro.

75. Jamel Garcia-Williams, Edge (High: 72, Low: 88, KP: 80)

The UDFA out of the University of Alabama-Birmingham gets a bump due to positional value. The Niners are looking for a third pass rusher that they can develop down the line. If Garcia-Williams can show enough splash plays during the preseason, he can be stashed on the practice squad and perhaps develop into that third rotational player.

74. Alex Brown, CB ( High: 35, Low: 89, KP: 68)

Brown received votes all over the place. He caught the attention of Fred Warner during spring. Warner mentioned Brown when I asked him what defender stood out. If you had given me 20 guesses, Brown would not have been one. Brown signed in the middle of May. He weighs 170 pounds, but if you check out his highlights, he plays much bigger than his 5-foot-11 frame. Possible sleeper?

He ran a 4.44 40-yard dash and jumped over 41” in the vertical. Freak athlete. The kind the Niners seem to be betting on this year.

73. Willie Beavers, OL (High: 62, Low: 88, KP: 65)

Like Reynolds, Beavers has bounced around the league quite a bit. The 49ers will be his fourth team since the Vikings drafted him in the fourth round of the 2016 draft. Beavers has a better chance to make the team than some of the other offensive linemen listed above him, but he hasn’t stuck on a roster in three years for a reason.

72. Tyree Robinson, S (High: 69, Low: 86, KP: 69)

I was highest on Robinson because he plays safety for the Niners. He signed when the team was waiting on the injury status of Jaquiski Tartt back in December. Because of the injury history, he has a chance to at least stick around and make the roster. He has good size, but the team didn’t play him in the final weeks, and that says something.

71. Kevin Givens, DT (High: 63, Low: 74, KP: 63)

Givens is an undersized defensive tackle that went undrafted. He is known for being quick and making splash plays. I was highest on him because I do believe he has a sneaky good chance to make the roster, or at least stick around on the practice squad if he can do just enough during training camp. After Buckner, the only “3-tech” on the roster would be Solomon Thomas.

90-81 roster rankings