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What it means now that the 49ers have signed everyone

We were getting all worked up for nothing.

Breathe everyone. There are plenty of things to go wrong in San Francisco 49ers training camp, having a rookie hold out for a contract is not one of those things. The 49ers now have everyone signed and ready to go.

The last two signings were Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel. Both have been locked up as of Thursday. As if there was a reason to worry; in 2018, Mike McGlinchey didn’t sign until July 22. As been said countless times, agents are there for the players, executives are there for the team, and they will fight every detail they can. In this case, it was the offset language.

The last time the 49ers had a draft pick hold out? Michael Crabtree in 2009. He didn’t just go into training camp, no. He went into October holding out on his rookie contract. By the time he started playing, the 49ers were on their way out of contention that year.

So here’s what happened Thursday:

Signed: Nick Bosa

What it means: The comparisons to the Joey Bosa holdout with the Chargers can stop now that Bosa is locked up right before training camp. The 49ers have their first-round pick for the next four years, and probably five granted he doesn’t go into the tank.

Signed: Deebo Samuel

What it means: The 49ers have all their wide receivers ready to go for this insane training camp battle so large, the late Mean Gene Okerlund should be doing interviews beforehand. Someone who was on the team in 2018 is getting cut—that much we know. The 49ers could elect to burn roster spots to keep everyone, having no backups at kicker could be an issue, y’know? Being more specific, the Deebo/Trent Taylor competition would be interesting. Matt Maiocco said Thursday that he expects Taylor to lead the team in receptions. Now that would be something.

Released: Erik Magnuson

What it means: The swing guard has met his end. Magnuson came to the 49ers as an undrafted free agent in 2017 and played at center briefly in 2018. The bad snap against the Cardinals was the beginning of the end. Magnuson played in four games for 2018, starting in one. There have been questions on if this is an endorsement for Joshua Garnett. It’s more an indication the 49ers have Ben Garland, Wesley Johnson, and UDFA Ross Reynolds and think one of those three (or four counting Garnett) would win any competition. Guard, swing, or otherwise. The playing time Magnuson had was enough to endorse where he was and where he could go, the 49ers thought they had better options elsewhere. Magnuson could return, but it sounds like this release was them doing him a favor.

It also could be an indicator for draft pick Justin Skule. While he’s an offensive tackle, perhaps the 49ers plan on using him in a swing-based role. If that’s the case, Magnuson is expendable.

Released: Alex Brown

What it means: Well that was quick. Brown came as a UDFA signee in May and is already out. This could be roster musical chairs of sorts for the two signings above. We’ll wait and see. Brown did get some nice praise from linebacker Fred Warner, so maybe this is temporary. The 49ers had to make room somehow for the rookies, and these either were the guys they thought wouldn’t make the team or two guys they thought they could cut for the time being while they figured everything out.

It’s Friday. Thank goodness stuff to talk about is rolling in.