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How to follow 49ers training camp on Twitter, Instagram

Time to break down all your social media resources for the 49ers 2019 training camp.

It’s just about time for training camp, y’all! The San Francisco 49ers have reported to training camp and hold their first practice on today (Saturday). They kick off their preseason schedule on August 10th against the Dallas Cowboys, but this gives us some semblance of football in the meantime.

The return to football means information will be flowing fast and furious, leaving us with plenty to dissect each day. Rob Lowder will be on-site to offer first hand observations, but there will be plenty of other reports from beat writers.

It’s probably a good time to bring up all the social media accounts of those affiliated with the 49ers as far as beat writers are concerned. I realize not everybody is on social media, but there are numerous ways to track the team. Twitter and Instagram are the big ones, but Facebook, Snapchat, and other options are out there.

The media gets access to 11 days of practice, and will have tweets during, and reports after, breaking down everything that happened. We'll keep an eye on what comes out of camp, but for the quick, live information, you'll want to keep an eye on Twitter. Instagram provides some useful photos and videos, but Twitter remains the primary news source. It's worth noting that for the media tweets, we’ll have our faithful Twitter thread that updates. If you shy away from Twitter or just canceled your account because you think the whole concept is questionable, you won’t be left in the dark.


The 49ers have numerous media members following them, and this list is not all-inclusive, so please feel free to add any suggestions I might have overlooked. Rob Lowder will be there on behalf of NN for much of the next two weeks of practice, so give him a follow on Twitter. You can follow Niners Nation on Twitter and Facebook, and we now have an Instagram account.

This year I gathered the group of reporters expected to be on-site just about every day of training camp. They will have frequent updates on Twitter and at their websites. You can check each one individually, or you can check out this list. As you know, Jennifer Lee Chan is now with NBC Sports Bay Area.

Matt Barrows - The Athletic - Instagram
Chris Biderman - Sacramento Bee
Eric Branch - San Francisco Chronicle
Cam Inman - San Jose Mercury News - Instagram
David Lombardi - The Athletic - Instagram
Matt Maiocco - NBC Sports Bay Area - Instagram
Tracy Sandler - Fan Girl Sports Network - Instagram
Nick Wagoner - ESPN
Jennifer Lee Chan - NBC Sports Bay Area
Kyle Madson - Niners Wire (USA Today)


A year ago, Fooch put together a Twitter list of the 49ers players that are on Twitter. For those not familiar with Twitter, in that link, click on "List members" on the left side to see just the list of accounts for each player. Obviously they will not be tweeting during practice, but they can have some interesting stuff before and after. It’s not all-inclusive, but it does have a majority of the players.

Front Office

The 49ers have an in-house reporter in Keiana Martin who provides daily updates and analysis. She will offer criticisms, but not as much as the regular beat writers. That’s to be expected for team employees, but she still does provide some quality content. She will tweet out various observations, while the official account is more for links, videos, and photos.

49ers official Twitter Account - Official Instagram account
Keiana Martin - Team Reporter
John Lynch - General Manager
Bob Lange - PR Director
Dan Beckler - Director, Football Communications
Peter Volmut - Coordinator, Football Communications
Terrell Lloyd - Team photographer - Instagram
Johnny Volk - Social Media Manager
Matthew Asher - Digital Media Coordinator
Matt Sisneros - Graphic Designer
Aaron Llavore - Art Director
Robert Alberino - VP/Executive Producer, 49ers Studios
49ers Studios
Al Guido - President
Jed York - CEO
Jordan Mazur - Coordinator of Nutrition & Sports Dietitian
Katie Sowers - Offensive Assistant Coach - Instagram

Niners Nation Social Media

You also can follow the staff at Niners Nation. Outside of Rob, they will not be at training camp, but as you know, Mark, Josh, Oscar, and others may have some good insights, analyses, and other things.

The exception is me. My Twitter has less about football at the moment and more of my hatred of buying furniture. I think there’s something where I make fun of Mike Tomlin too. If that floats your boat go ahead. Pretty sure the 49ers are much more interesting than my tales of furniture buying though. Just saying.

Kyle Posey
Rob Lowder
Oscar Aparicio
Alex Tran
Mark Saltveit
Jason Hurley (the salary cap dude)
Akash Anavarathan
Josh Cootner
Josh Eccles
Ricky Helton
Patrick Holloway