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The rookie hype train is back!

The best part of practice returns

We’ll have Rob’s full breakdown of 49ers training camp soon, but there’s one thing we need to bring up. Like, RIGHT NOW.

The rookie hype-train is coming back. If you remember right, the 49ers made the rookies come out in 2018 to hype the spectators up. This was met with hilarious results and might be the best way to haze rookies where it’s nothing extreme. I’m sure there’s more welcoming rituals we don’t know about, but this is one I can get behind.

Today we had offensive tackle Justin Skule doing some dancing and the worm (I always called it the dolphin, but I guess that’s a different dance entirely).

Other initial notes from practice included the defensive line dominating things. Sounds like Solomon Thomas and DeForest Buckner were causing all sorts of havoc. The offense was having some issues completing passes early also.

It’s day one, so don’t take too much stock into this. Also remember, they aren’t in pads yet, so that’s something to consider.

We’ll have Rob’s recap of everything that happened. In the meantime, worm out everyone.