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49ers fall just outside of the top 5 most valuable NFL teams

Forbes gives us the annual update

Reese’s Senior Bowl Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers haven’t done much winning over the past few years, but that hasn’t hurt the value of the franchise. Forbes puts out an annual list of the most valuable teams in all of sports every year, and the Niners are still among the ten most valuable teams in the NFL.

Forbes valued the Niners as a $3.05 billion franchise, which is the same as a year ago. That puts the team sixth in the NFL, and 16th in all of sports. Here’s a look at the top teams in the NFL:

Top 10 list:

1 - Dallas Cowboys - 1st overall, $5 billion, 4% increase

2 - New England Patriots - 7th overall, $3.8 billion, 3% increase

3 - New York Giants - tied for 10th overall, $3.3 billion, 0% increase

4 - Los Angeles Rams - tied for 12th overall, $3.2 billion, 7% increase

5 - Washington - tied for 14th overall, $3.1 billion, 0% increase

6 - San Francicso 49ers - 16th overall, $3.05 billion, 0% increase

7 - Chicago Bears - tied for 19th overall, $2.9 billion, 2% increase

8 - New York Jets - 21st overall, $2.85 billion, 4% increase

9 - Houston Texans - tied for 22nd overall, $2.8 billion, 0% increase

10 - Philadelphia Eagles - 24th overall, $2.75 billion, 4% increase

The non-NFL teams higher than the 49ers are the Yankees, Real Madrid, Barcelona, the Knicks, Manchester United, the Lakers, Warriods, Dodgers, Red Sox, and the Cubs(Fly the W!)

The NFC East remains king when it comes to money, despite being one of the worst divisions in the NFL.