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Sled videos. Because Kris Kocurek is awesome. That is all.

There’s something about the 49ers defensive line coach.

Who wants to see some sled videos? Yeah, if you ever played football the sled was sometimes annoying, but it’s always interesting watching NFL players thrust their gladiator strength into the thing. The sled has gone up in enjoyment and intrigue with San Francisco 49ers defensive line coach Kris Kocurek screaming at the top of his lungs nearby.

Over the last few days, we’ve been treated to some videos of Nick Bosa, Solomon Thomas and others taking the sled while Kocurek is getting them pumped. It’s really a site to behold. One for the sleds, and two because Kocurek is filling a void of crazy-fun obnoxiousness that Harbaugh left in his departure.

Enough talking. Roll it!

Kocurek has the pedigree to make this a top-five defensive line. To be honest, I’m glad the 49ers have him because I can never get enough of his coaching. That intensity man, love it.