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Kaden Smith has one heck of an opportunity in front of him

Garrett Celek’s spot may not be safe.

The San Francisco 49ers drafted tight end Kaden Smith, and while it was an obvious move for a position lacking depth behind No. 2 man Garrett Celek, he has a huge opportunity in front of him.

Celek had a terrible 2018. This is attributed to a broken thumb he suffered. His offseason hasn’t been great either. He’s still in the concussion protocol and recovering from back surgery. Most concussion protocols last one-two weeks, not months into the offseason. Well, Celek will be out into the 2019 season also. Weeks into the 2019 season.

“Celek is for sure going to be after Week 6,” Kyle Shanahan said in his Friday press conference.

So a training camp and six weeks into the season. The 49ers don’t have much behind George Kittle at tight end. Kaden Smith has himself an excellent opportunity to impress the coaching staff and lockdown that No. 2 tight end spot.

Smith is a competitive guy too. He earlier said he wanted to one day compete with Kittle for the starting tight end job on the 49ers. Keep in mind; this is the same Kittle that shattered records in 2018.

If Smith makes the most of his opportunity, Celek may find himself out of a job at the end of the season. 2019 is a contract year for him and if Smith can rise to the occasion, Celek may be a casualty in 2020.