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EA Sports raises Marquise Goodwin’s Madden stats

This is still unsatisfactory.

After winning the inaugural 40 Yards for Gold title, Marquise Goodwin did what any self-respecting NFL star would do: He demanded a Madden stat audit. It’s around this time when the NFL at-large gets news of their Madden rankings and no one is happy. Typically the developers at EA Sports turn a blind eye.

Not this time. In all of an hour after placing Goodwin’s request “under review” Goodwin got himself a stat upgrade:

So what does he get? Well a stat boost of speed and accuracy acceleration. His speed of 96 is up to 98 and his accuracy acceleration of 97 jumped up a single point.

To be honest, I don’t see how those small adjustments will affect his grade overall. Goodwin’s biggest negative was his strength which he has set at 42. Unless that gets a bump, it’s not going to help his overall grade.

Goodwin’s got to have a better strength stat, right? I mean we’re talking about a dude who caught footballs while jumping off elephants and cuddles up to tigers in a pool. I’m not sure how you measure his strength stat, but until they give that a boost, his overall grade, the most important grade, isn’t going up.

Still, it’s nice to see him get an improvement. Even if it’s a smidgen.