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“40 Yards of Gold” participants have yet to be paid

They were told to wait to cash their checks until this Friday

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Chicago Bears v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Last Saturday’s 40 yards of Gold was a lot more entertaining than many figured it would be. It was a unique setup full of competition. San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin didn’t even have to race his stiffest competition, who was disqualified in the first round for two false starts. Goodwin went on to defeat Carolina Panthers speedster, Donte Jackson.

Goodwin took a photo that included a giant check worth a million bucks:

It turns out; he may have to wait to cash the check.

According to Daniel Kaplan of the Athletic, organizers of this past weekend “40 Yards of Gold” event—that featured more than 20 NFL players—have told the competitors that they can’t cash their checks until this Friday.

Charles Stewart co-organized the event, but wouldn’t say why participants had to wait to cash their checks. Here’s what he did say:

“The event was a major success. We received all positive feedback from social media and all media outlets. It seemed to be a major hit with the fans. We’re already being solicited to bring the competition to other sports, as planned. In regards to the tweets about payouts, everyone received their checks. We instructed them that they would be able to cash it by Friday.”

What an embarrassment. The event was organized at the last minute. We were under the impression it was Ted Ginn’s idea—who dropped out of the race last minute. An agent who had a player involved spoke on the event as well:

A complete joke. On if he is worried: I am now. I have been suspicious this whole time, but that’s a lot of money to pay out for a first-time event.”

I don’t blame players for dropping out due to injury risk. Plenty of players that were expected to run—including 49ers wide receiver Richie James—didn’t even show up to the event. Perhaps they could see the writing on the wall. It was fishy to fork out that amount of money to begin with. Hopefully, all the players are appropriately compensated, and this doesn’t turn into another AAF fiasco. We’ll see on Friday, I suppose.