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We have video of Mitch Wishnowsky punts at 49ers training camp


If you thought we were going to get through four days of San Francisco 49ers training camp without punter highlights, you, my friend, are sorely mistaken. Fooch already gave you that sweet 90-in-90. And now me, the elected mayor of Punterville, USA, am here to provide you with MOAR PUNTER HIGHLIGHTS!


Ooooooohhhhh we’re not done. That video is amazing, but it’s also never filling. That’s because nothing with the punter ever is. You can never have too much with punter videos. You can always have more. That’s right, and there is nothing wrong with the gluttony of Wishnowsky. We have another video. Just try to keep your composure in the office:

I read so much disappointment from the fans they won’t see Jimmy Garoppolo in the first week of preseason. To that, I say, “FINE!” Because no matter what Garoppolo’s status is, I am guaranteed to see Wishnowsky kick a football.

Well, then again, if the 49ers offense is going pretty well, all I’m going to see is Wishnowsky holding field goals and doing kickoffs. So I guess that would be a good sign too, but that moment when he does hit the field, I will mark at the 49ers’ newest toy.