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George Kittle ranked No. 29 on NFL Top 100 list

He deserves it

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Last week the San Francisco 49ers had their first player crack the NFL’s Top 100 list when Dee Ford came in at No. 67 on the list. On Monday, George Kittle broke the top 30, coming in at No. 29.

Watching Kittle in college, he always had the potential to be a star. Even his biggest fans wouldn’t have guessed Kittle would break the receiving record for a tight end this early in his career. That’s a testament to his athleticism and hard work.

These lists can be taken with a grain of salt, but it’s still pretty cool to see a Niner highly respected, despite the team not being successful. That tells you that his peers recognize him. Finishing the season with 88 catches for 1,377 yards, with a big chunk of that coming after the catch is tough for anyone to ignore. Kittle brings it every play, though. When the 49ers run the ball, he’s essentially an extra offensive lineman out there. That’s how good of a blocker he is.

We’re all looking forward to what Kittle does for an encore in 2019. The next person that can consistently cover Kittle will be the first. The question is, can he help take the 49ers red zone offense to another level?