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Jordan Matthews talks about how he had to buy No. 81 off Trent Taylor

“Man, we are going to fight when I get there”

NFL: JUL 29 49ers Training Camp Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jordan Matthews was on KNBR recently, and he opened up how he obtained the No. 81 from Trent Taylor. Matthews said he had to buy the jersey from Taylor, and still seemed a little mad about that. When asked by the guys how much Matthews had to give, he said, “just know if you see his{Taylor’s} girlfriend with a nice wedding ring, just know your boy, I better be what, like third down the line of the wedding group or whatever.”

Matthews went on about the price, and how the Taylor asked for way too much at first. With Trent wanting to go to No. 15 either way, good for him to finesse a little extra in his pockets. It all seemed light-hearted, and in good fun. Matthews did say it gave him more incentive to make the team. “I can’t spend as much money on a jersey, and then get cut.”

Check out the video below, along with the entire interview: