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Striking Gold: Recapping the first few days of training camp

Hey, a podcast!

Football is back, and with that, the goal of Niners Nation is to bring you more podcasts. It shouldn’t be on Oscar to be the only podcast we have on this site. There are too many topics, stories, and info to share. We’d like to have at least three podcasts during the week once the regular season gets going. Pat and his buddy Ben will likely have one on fantasy topics, our Rob Lowder and everyone’s favorite Eric Crocker will have another show, then myself and Rob will have one as well.

Please voice your opinion in the comments as to what you’d like to hear. General San Francisco 49ers talk? Heavy analytics talk? Or just laid-back, shooting the site decorum talk? I can tell you now that there will be a live postgame podcast after each game where emotions will be running high, and if the team wins, 19-0 babyyyyy. If they lose, should the 49ers trade Jimmy G? Hot takes flying everywhere.

Today marks the first episode of “Striking Gold,” where Rob and Crock recap what they’ve seen over the first handful of days during the 49ers training camp. They’ve both been there pretty much every day, and there’s value in that. The two describe the vibe surrounding the early days of Niners camp. Then, they take a deep dive into each position group and who has stood out to them, in the early days of camp.

Today was the first day off practice for the Niners, so it’s a perfect opportunity for the two to link up and discuss everything they’ve seen. It was recorded after practice on Tuesday. Check it out below:

We will have this on our Niners Nation podcast feed ASAP. Enjoy!