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Golden Nuggets: Will Jimmy Garoppolo be a disappointment

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday july 5, 2019

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, we have a link to yet another article based on Mike Florio’s opinion on the matter. Mike Florio seems to be obsessed by this question. He has even gone as far as predicting the 49ers might trade for Kirk Cousins in the next offseason. This isn’t about what Mike Florio thinks though. This is about what I think and I have not been so excited about a 49ers quarterback since Joe Montana. Let me get something else straight at this point. No, I do not think Jimmy G is the next Montana. I think he is the next Jimmy G.

I think his field presence, quick release, and accuracy on short and midrange passes are all outstanding. I was not even in favor of the trade for him until I saw him in that first game. He was impressive to say the least. I am not big on using the eye test as an personal argument. I generally prefer to use stats but Jimmy G is an exception to that rule. I get all excited just watching him play.

I cannot imagine him not being successful. Add Kyle Shanahan to that equation and I think we have the next great coach/quarterback combination. People talk about Shanahan not being flexible enough. About his inability to alter his offense for a particular player rather than to require a specific type player at each position but I think Shanahan custom built this offense around Jimmy G.

There were also a lot of complaints last season about our wide receivers not getting open quick enough but what did we have to work with? Pierre Garcon was no longer the same player, Taylor was coming back from back problems, Goodwin was beat up early and Pettis was a rookies?

So what did Shanahan do about it? He picked up a big target in Jordan Matthews who can box out and go up for the ball and added a couple more rookies that should be quick targets. It is a plus that all three players are considered to be good red zone target too. Add having Taylor back at full speed and Dante Pettis having a year of experience under his belt and you have a lot of players that can get open fast.

This should give Jimmy G plenty of opportunity to take a two step drop and get rid of the ball quickly after making his read at the line of scrimmage. If you add George Kittle and our running backs to this scenario, I think you have the perfect situation for Jimmy G to thrive.

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