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Frank Gore on retiring as a Niner: That’s my home, my second home.

“It would be right to go back.”

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Frank Gore is 36-years old. He ran for 722 yards last year and averaged 4.6 yards per carry. During the draft cycle, when people talk about how important 40 times are for running backs, I can’t help but laugh. Top end speed doesn’t mean that you’re going to break a bunch of long runs, and Gore is living proof. Balance/vision>patience>speed.

Gore is about to enter his 15th NFL season, which is unheard of for a running back. It’ll be his first season with the Buffalo Bills. Gore isn’t eyeing retirement anytime soon. He told the South Floria Sun-Sentinel: “I just go how I feel. If I feel I can’t do it no more, then I call it.”

Gore made it clear that when it is time to hang it up, he’ll do so as a Niner:

“I’m going to be a Niner, you know, I’ve been there – that’s who drafted me, gave me the opportunity to come into this league, to be a professional ballplayer, and I was there 10 years, man. That’s my home, my second home. It would be right to go back – if I have to do a one-day [contract], sign that and I’ll be a Niner for life.”

There wasn’t any question that Gore would do so, but it’s nice to hear a player come out and say it. Gore is still active in the Bay Area community. Twice this year he’s held events where he signed autographs. Gore is geniunely a man of the people. He should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.