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Which 49er are you targeting for your fantasy team?

Some of you will probably draft the entire squad, others will be sure to get one thing 49ers. What are you eyeing?

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

As we all know, every year, fantasy football is a thing. While I’m no rocket scientist, I am the undisputed fantasy champion (TM) having won both of my (very competitive...I think) leagues. It means I have titles to defend and more fantasy content to bring you. This year, I’m not doing it alone, we went and recruited Ben Ammar; someone who somehow, someway makes it into several championships every. Single. Year. Ben and I will be hosting some Facebook Live sessions starting later this week/early next week breaking down positions and where to take San Francisco 49ers players if you want them. We’ll also take questions if you are so inclined to help you get a solid team, but with some dashes of homerism.

But for a more broad approach: who are you targeting? I’m well aware some of you are going to go full homer and draft Jimmy Garoppolo with the first pick. Others will be more cautious. I have a general idea of what positions I want to stay away from with the 49ers. I also know I won’t get George Kittle and Travis Kelce on the same team ever again.

The target for me this year is two “players”: Dante Pettis and the 49ers defense/special teams. Both of these I feel can be snagged late in the draft and can pay dividends later. Pettis has a chance to shine in his second year. I play in a league where yardage matters, and I think Pettis is just the guy to chew yards up.

The 49ers defense/special teams is a late-round pick that I’d be using a bench slot for if I even took them in the draft. I think with that punter (PUNTERZZZZ) and revamped defensive line, we could get sacks, fumbles and defensive touchdowns. All Mitch Wishnowsky has to do is pin the opposing offense inside a 10-yard line and then let Dee Ford and Nick Bosa clean up with sacks. I’m not sold on the defense entirely due to obvious question marks, and the return game is iffy at best, which is why I’d want a backup plan, but I think this team could offer some late-round value.

I also wouldn’t mind picking up Jimmy Garoppolo and giving him another shot given how lethal I feel that passing game is going to be in 2019. All those targets? Shanahan’s scheme? Garoppolo could be really, really good in 2019.

I’ll tell you what I’m not targeting, the 49ers backfield— too risky, not consistent, and too much talent. I want nothing to do with those running backs. Now, as a fan, I love this offense and what they’ve done. I can’t wait to see it in action. From a fantasy perspective, I want consistency, and I don’t know how you can get good consistency with that talented trio.

And George Kittle? Well, I know someone is going to reach for him far more than my comfort level allows, so he’s off my board.

Who are you targeting in your fantasy draft? Ben and I will break down positions, starting with running backs, early next week.