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Kyle Shanahan backs John Lynch in Brick by Brick episode

During a conversation with Jalen Hurd at the Senior Bowl

Reese’s Senior Bowl Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Season three of “Brick by Brick” debuted on Wednesday night, where the cameras followed the San Francisco 49ers and their journey through the offseason. The episode featured highlights of the Senior Bowl, NFL Draft, and OTAs. It’s kind of crazy to think that general manager John Lynch had a camera with him from the time he gets up and drives to work—where Lynch does his best to avoid hitting Jed York’s car, apparently—to the time he calls it a day.

The most noteworthy part of the episode was when head coach Kyle Shanahan had a conversation with third-round pick to be Jalen Hurd. Shanahan can be heard talking about his relationship with Lynch, and how they’re in it together. Here’s the convo:

KS: “That’s why I’m glad I’m where I’m at. I’m with a GM, owner, people who you can talk to, people who aren’t just going to read an article and think that’s what it is. But not every place is like that.”

JH: “I can see how a lot of places, the GM and the head coach might not be on the same page.”

KS: “Oh, yeah, totally. That’s what I mean. John and I came in together. We did this together.”

JH: “That’s cool.

KS: “It’s just tough. ... You hope everyone’s agenda is the same and you have the same intentions, but when (expletive deleted) goes bad, people are also trying to survive and not have to move their family and get fired. And when the owner wants to know which one of yours fault is it, sometimes people start to have different opinions.

But when you know, hey, we’re either going to win together or go down together, it makes it much smoother. But you got to have the right people to do that. You can’t just say we’re going to do that. It takes certain type of people. Lynch is that type of guy.”

I’m sure this is no coincidence, considering some stories that have leaked from former staffers. It almost comes off as, “See, they do get along!”

I do like how Shanahan acknowledged the report. He also was honest with Hurd knowing that when site decorum hits the fan, it tends to be every man for themselves. By the sounds of it, that’s not the case with Lynch and the front office, as they’re all on the same page.