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Who to watch on the Cowboys roster in the 49ers preseason opener

Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

All eyes will be on the San Francisco 49ers players that you have been dying to see play for over half a year. Let’s not forget about the Dallas Cowboys, though. For all we know, a month from now we’ll see a player on the Cowboys roster make the 49ers final 53.

During the regular season, we will have Q&As with opposing bloggers to figure out what we might see each week. Since teams are not game-planning for the opposing teams in August, we don’t have to go too in-depth here. We reached out to Blogging The Boys to see which Cowboys reserves we should keep an eye on and if you could have one 49ers player on the roster, who would it be? Here’s what they said:

NN: Who are some reserves on both sides of the ball we should keep an eye out for tonight?

As far as reserves to watch the main guy has to be rookie running back Tony Pollard. Given Ezekiel Elliott’s holdout, he’s been the player who people are counting on the most at the moment. It’s also worth paying attention to Cooper Rush (who saw action in San Francisco two years ago), and Mike White as the backup position behind Dak Prescott is still up for grabs. You might also want to keep eyes on defensive end Joe Jackson out of Miami, Jerry Jones and everyone in the front office have been praising him throughout camp.

NN: If you could have any 49er on your roster, who would it be?

Looking at the state of the 49ers roster there are definitely tons of guys who would be great to have on the Cowboys, but it feels like I’d be crazy if I don’t say Nick Bosa. If we’re factoring in the contractual side of this then all of a sudden the Cowboys have an incredibly elite rusher to pair with DeMarcus Lawrence, and he’s just now starting his rookie contract. Make it happen, please.