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Does anyone still want Antonio Brown?

Now he’s refusing to play for his new team until a helmet issue is resolved. AB is the gift that keeps on giving.

Sure the San Francisco 49ers have had their drama, but none of it is comparing to what’s going on with the Oakland Raiders. They traded for Antonio Brown in March and after all the drama Brown had with the Steelers, he has brought drama of his own, concerning his helmet.

Really, I can’t make this up.

Adam Schefter reported Brown is refusing to play for the Raiders until he is allowed to wear the helmet he’s worn the last 10 years. This helmet is prohibited, not even certified. Again, it’s a decade old and Brown is fighting it. He’s even filed grievances concerning this helmet.

You thought Deflategate was ridiculous, well eat those words.

If you can recall, the 49ers were in the mix make a trade and take Antonio Brown off the Pittsburgh Steelers’ hands. It sounded like a great idea at the start; Brown was ready to leave Pittsburgh and the Steelers indicated the feeling was mutual. The problem was his age, contract, and what the Steelers were looking for (a high pick to start, ugh). As time went on and Brown kept talking, the 49ers decided to go in a different direction and the Steelers had to basically pay the Raiders to take him off their hands.

So what exactly did Brown do to change our minds? Well, there’s the Mr. Big Chest blast. There’s also his AMA of 10 questions, which went to only five before he gave up. And how all his “look at me” segments seemed to contradict each other. When the Raiders got him, there were some 49ers fans quite disappointed.

So now, Brown wants his helmet. Just think of the circus in San Francisco if this went on. We’ve just gone through a week with Dee Ford, Nick Bosa, and Jerick McKinnon being pulled, do you think anyone wants to deal with Antonio Brown pulling this?

Here’s the big question, and yes, I have a poll. How happy are you that the 49ers do not have Mr. Big Chest?


Should Antonio Brown be on the 49ers roster?

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