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The 49ers rookie hype train has set a high bar

I believe last year began the obnoxious and often hilarious rookie hazing protocol of having San Francisco 49ers rookies pump the crowds up to start open practices. If you break it down, there wasn’t much to it. The rookies would run in, do some lame dance, and then go about their day.

That was 2018, and 2019 is a different world.

Now the rookies have stepped the game up. You knew things were changing when an offensive tackle does the worm. That looks impressive, but it really might be the worst one I show you.

This week, the 49ers stopped the dances and instead turned the practice field into a coliseum for gladiators. I’m happy to say this is not an overs I make this statement because we got jousting:

After you watch that video you realize I was not joking in the slightest about any of this. Two 49ers players get scooters and try to joust. That’s just all sorts of awesome. I almost want to say burn a roster spot for the creativity, almost.

That wins for most creative. Then we get this a couple days later:

OK, now they are just showing off. So we’ve gone from running around, to backflips and jousts.

If 49ers training camps ever get boring, I’m at least going to expect video of what the rookies do to pump the crowd up each year. That alone will make me check Twitter to see practice reports if I’m not interested in anything actual football taking place on the field.

2019’s rookies have raised the bar. 2020’s cannot go back down. I hope for something even more spectacular. Like, jetpacks or something.