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Kyle Shanahan hopes for Trent Taylor to be back by Week 1, not counting on it

No one saw this coming.

The entire San Francisco 49ers universe was shocked Saturday night when it was revealed during the broadcast of the 49ers preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys that Trent Taylor had suffered a broken foot. No one anticipated this news as Twitter blew up at the announcement.

But that means we have some timetables to look at. In his post-game press conference, Kyle Shanahan hopes to have Trent Taylor back by Week 1, but went on to say he wasn’t “counting on it.”

Taylor suffered a stress fracture in his foot. Per Shanahan, Taylor said there was some pain, and the 49ers got X-Rays. It was either chance the stress fracture into something worse or get it taken care of now. The 49ers choose the latter, and now Taylor has a screw in his foot.

Will Taylor be back? The timetable is about six-nine weeks. Here’s a great video describing the fracture and what to expect from Taylor. He could come back, but he won’t be at 100 percent. Personally, I’d rather the 49ers sit Taylor for a week or two in the regular season to fully heal, then activate him.

In the meantime, the 49ers have a deep competition at wide receiver. Trent Taylor had been noted as a favorite target of Jimmy Garoppolo and also having a good camp. With him, the 49ers have a bit more flexibility for a couple of weeks on what receivers they would want to keep on the roster.

But really, this just sucks. No one saw this coming, and when you look at all the injuries the 49ers all of the sudden are dealing with, you can’t help but laugh.

Regarding the injury, if you want some info on the injury and the timetable, Selene Parekh went to YouTube to describe what we’re dealing with.