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Kyle Shanahan and others wrap up the 49ers preseason win over the Dallas Cowboys

The 49ers head coach met with the media following Saturday’s win over the Cowboys. We have a full transcript.

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

Opening Statement: “Injuries I got from the game: [T Shon] Coleman left with an ankle, [DL] D.J. Jones with a knee, [RB Raheem] Mostert with a concussion, [OL Najee] Toran had his hand checked after the game and [S Marcell] Harris left with a stinger.”

Did QB C.J. Beathard come out because of his--?

“He came out because of his thumb. (Actually), he didn’t come out because of his thumb, but he hurt it on his last play.”

Were you going to play QB Wilton Speight anyway?

“Yeah. We were going to the next guy anyway.”

Coleman’s injury looked serious. Did he have any information on it?

“No, I saw what you guys saw though. Looked serious, but I don’t know yet.”

How long are you expecting WR Trent Taylor to be out?

“We’re hoping for Week One, not counting on it, but hoping for Week One.”

Did that catch you guys off guard?

“Yeah, definitely, and him also. He was having a hell of a camp, and it was disappointing to hear, but fortunately, it won’t be the year. I think that’s about four weeks from Week One. It’s usually a four to six-week injury, so we’ll see how it goes.”

Is that a Jones Fracture?


Isn’t that kind of a serious thing?

“Yeah, it is. We’re lucky we caught it when it was just a stress fracture. Usually when you go with that for a little bit, it ends up breaking and being a lot worse. He was complaining about a little pain, so we got the X-Rays, saw a little fracture in there. Then you have to make the decision, whether you want to go with it and risk it until it breaks? We decided to do it now, so it could be more of a four to six-week injury instead of an eight to 10-week injury.”

How much had WR Jalen Hurd worked in the slot so far and is it natural to think it might be a lot more now?

“He’s worked a lot in the slot and he’s also worked a lot outside at Z, so he’s been doing both. I know he played mainly in the slot in college, but we move most of our guys all over and he’s capable of doing both.”

What have you seen from him just over the last couple weeks in terms of the progress he’s made?

“He wasn’t out there in OTAs, so we were eager to get him out there and he made it out for practice one (of training camp) and he’s been in everyone since. He plays very physical. He’s in good shape, runs hard, has strong hands. Just trying to pick up the offense. Had a few mistakes today, but played pretty well and it was a good first night for him.”

Was one of those mistakes on the interception with QB C.J. Beathard?

“No. Everyone had a few mistakes tonight.”

Can you talk a little about WR Deebo Samuel and how he played and what you’ve seen over the past two weeks?

“Similar to college and how he’s been since he’s gotten to practice, the game, it’s just not too big for Deebo. He’s very competitive. He’s a good wide receiver, but he’s one of the more physical guys out there. We got him a run on an around where you could see a little bit of his physicality. Very similar to Jalen, their bodies are a little bit different but same type of mentality.”

Why did you start QB Nick Mullens tonight?

“We plan on starting C.J. next time. We had to pick and we went with Nick first. He was the last one to finish the season.”

What did you take away from the quarterbacks’ performances?

“I thought both of them made some good plays. But I thought both of them, each one of them had one really bad play. I thought they threw a pick that was pretty easy to see. I think (with)_Nick, the backside linebacker got it in zone and I think it was C.J., a robber safety came down and got them. After that I thought both of them played pretty well, while under a lot of duress too.”

Was there a separation between the two of them after one game?


You said C.J. is going to get the next start, but is QB Jimmy Garoppolo going to--?

“Yeah, Jimmy should be ready to go next week, but we’ll let C.J. go ahead of Nick for the second game.”

DB Tarvarius Moore ended up playing a big chunk of the game because of safety issues. How do you think he did?

“From what I saw, it looked good. I saw him flying around. I saw him make a few plays. We’ll see the tape, that penalty at the end, I thought, was very unnecessary to give them that cheap 15. I’ll see it on the tape, from what I saw, he didn’t have to do that. We played a lot of guys tonight. We were able to sit a lot of starters. The backups came in fairly early and got to play a lot more, especially with losing Colbert in that game. We had to keep those guys out there a little bit longer. That’s always good to do as long as you can get through it healthy, we’ll have a lot of tape to watch and excited to see it with them tomorrow.”

Would you have, if it hadn’t been the end of a preseason game, would you have challenged that CB Dontae Johnson--?

“I definitely would have if it wasn’t under two minutes. So, I couldn’t. That’s the only one today I would have. All the others, it’s got to be an obvious one and that’s the one I definitely would have challenged. I was hoping the NFL would, or whoever is supposed to under two minutes but they didn’t.

Do the penalties bother you in a preseason game or no because it’s mostly--?

“No, of course it bothers you. We’ll look at them very hard tomorrow. Any time you have a game where you have 18 penalties and the other team has five, we should look at it hard. It’s very hard to win that way. It’s very frustrating, but we’ll look at them hard and see if all of them were stuff we can control.”

Dre Greenlaw seemed to have a nose for the ball tonight, can you talk about that?

“Yeah, it’s showing up that way in camp too. He always seems to be around the ball in the run game and the pass game. From what I saw, he made a few plays out there and I’m sure I’ll see a little more when I watch the tape, but seemed pretty encouraging how he played tonight.”

You haven’t rested that many guys in the previous preseason openers, why did you do that tonight?

“Just have a better feel for our team and the guys who have established themselves. There are some guys that, you have to prove yourself all the time, but we want to take care of a lot of guys too and with having four of these and we have a few more established starters in certain areas. The most important thing is to get our team the best they can be by Tampa, but we also hope our team can be ready for Tampa. Anytime we have a chance to rest guys and keep them healthy, we’re going to try to do it.”

Did you have an understanding with Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett in a situation like that you guys weren’t going to go for two?

“No, Jason and I are friends, but we never talked until after the game. I just pray to God they don’t and I pray to God I’m never in that situation. I saw Bruce Arians was in it yesterday. That’s a tough one to be in. You’ve got to go for two. You can’t try and not to win, but you don’t want to go to overtime at all.”

Why did you go to play WR Dante Pettis tonight and what did you see from him?

“I wanted him to compete. We’re trying to see who our starting receivers are and I wanted to get him a chance to get out there. We’d decided before the game that we were going to sit [WR] Marquise [Goodwin] and we were going to sit [WR] Trent Taylor. Trent ended up getting hurt, so we had to do that anyway, but everyone else, we wanted to find out more about. Dante has a lot of room to grow. He can still get a lot better. So, can a lot of the other guys.”

What was your view of DB Adrian Colbert’s hit and what’s the message going to be?

“We’ve just got to learn from it. I saw it live and it did seem like his helmet hit his chest and he led with his helmet which is a penalty. It’s unfortunate he got ejected. I know his intent, it’s a bang, bang play and he’s playing fast and trying to stop them on third down. By no means, is he trying to do that. it’s tough to run that fast and tackle people and keep your head back, so we’ve got to learn from it, we’ve got to coach it. It was tough for him to get ejected there.”

From your understanding, it came from New York?

“Yeah, it came from New York. Yep.”

What did you think of WR Jalen Hurd tonight?

“I was excited about him. He got a few opportunities and when he did, he capitalized on them. On the keeper, when he got in, and on the touchdown on the fade in the end zone. He did a good job, so has a lot of room to improve, but it was a good first night.”

It’s the first time you’re seeing Mitch Wishnowsky in a game.

“From what I saw out there, I thought we punted very well. I know that one kick, he hooked it left a little bit too far and got out of bounds. You don’t want to see that. Hopefully we can get him to hem up his sleeves a little bit. He looked awkward in a jersey. I’ll talk to [49ers equipment manager] Jay Bird [Brunetti] about that. But, obviously, room to improve but I like having him out there.”

Quarterback C.J. Beathard

How different is it having someone who’s 6-4 and can go up and get a ball like that?

“It’s a quarterback’s dream to have a guy like that, that’ll go up and make plays for you. He’s tough over the middle. I mean, you see what he does after. He gets the ball in his hands, he’s tough to tackle. He played some running back in college and he knows how to run the ball, too.”

What do you think has been the difference for him maybe over the last week or so? We’ve seen him on the practice field, he’s been more involved in the passing game after not doing a whole lot early on. What’s been the difference there?

“He was out all OTAs with injuries, so I think he was just starting to get back into the swing of things. I mean, it’s not an easy offense to grasp for a rookie, so I think he just started getting progressively better with his knowledge of the game and the offense. That kind of helped him get more reps.”

How does your thumb feel?

“Feels alright. Yeah, I just hit it on my helmet, but it’ll be alright.”

How do you think you played?

“I thought I did well, I mean, other than the interception. Dumb decision there. Other than that, I thought it went really well.”

You had a lot of moving parts in front of you tonight, a little different offensive line.

“Yeah, I mean, anytime you’ve got a bunch of young kids in there, you kind of expect their heads are going a thousand miles an hour, trying to get receivers lined up and things like that. That’s expected, but I thought overall, they did a good job.”

What are you looking forward to this week in Denver, practicing against the Broncos?

“It’ll be awesome. It’ll be cool. That’s our quarterbacks coach, [Denver Broncos offensive coordinator] Rich Scangarello, is their OC now. It’ll be cool to see him and say hey to him, but it’s always fun to go up against guys other than your own teammates, because you’re so used to doing that all camp.”

Do you feel like both WR Jalen Hurd and WR Deebo Samuel are doing a really good job?

“Yeah, they’re doing great. They’re definitely progressing well as rookies, I think. The rest of the offense is really coming along and they’re doing a really good job.”

Is there a difference with the different coaching of the wide receivers group?

“Yeah, I mean [wide receivers coach] Wes [Welker] and [offensive quality control coach] Miles [Austin], there are no better teachers of the game. They played for such a long time in the NFL, the experience they have, it’s great, especially in that wide receiver room with all the guys in there. They’ve got first hand guys that played in the league for both 10-plus years and have a lot of experience in there to really help them.”

Quarterback Nick Mullens

How did it feel going against somebody else rather than your own team?

“Finally, you know, that’s why you play the game. We talked about it before, you don’t train for all the practices. You train to play the game. So, we’re so excited to get out there, just put the uniform back on and play against somebody else.”

How did you feel today, your performance?

“I felt good, I felt solid. Obviously, you don’t want to turn the ball over, but overall, just making very good decisions, smart, accurate, putting the ball in the right places. So, it’s a step. Camp is a long process, so that’s one step down.”

Can you talk about [how] penalties were a killer today?

“Yeah, I mean, it’s really important to play disciplined football and that’s something that we have to improve on.”

Head coach Kyle Shanahan gave you the start today, he said you finished off the season- does that feel rewarding that he thought of you to start today?

“I’ll just take any opportunity I can get. It’s coach’s decision and me and [QB] C.J. [Beathard] rotate every day, so it was nice to be able to get out there and just start fast, play strong and make good decisions.”

The fact that you’ve been in the system for a little bit of time, too, it makes it a little bit easier, a little more comfortable and effective in decision making.

“One hundred percent, people say from year one to year two, even now to year three, just love the offense. Coach does a good job of putting us in positions to be successful. So, I love the offense and feel comfortable.”

Do you feel like you’re in the same rhythm as you were towards the end of last season?

“Yeah, I mean, I haven’t thought about last season in a long time to be honest with you. We’re what, two weeks into camp now? I think the main thing about being quarterback is just being a consistent player and a consistent leader, and that’s what I try to do each and every day.”

What have you seen from your rookie receivers WR Deebo Samuel and WR Jalen Hurd?

“Yeah, definitely. I mean a strong showing today, obviously. We know what they bring to the table and it’s cool to see that, but at the same time, it’s a first step. It’s only the first preseason game and so we’re excited to see how they can go going forward.”

How do you and C.J. avoid things maybe getting awkward given that coach Shanahan says that you guys are neck and neck and he’s going to be first up next week it seems like?

“Yeah, I mean, who knows. Me and C.J. are great friends, we have a great relationship and we both understand the business. We’re just doing what we’re told. Nick, it’s your turn to play, C.J., it’s your turn to play. That’s what we do. We battle, we support each other, and it’s been great so far.”

What part of the offseason did you see Tom House?

“I went out there in the spring time, around March, and then in the summer a little bit, so a couple times. It was solid, productive.”

What was the biggest takeaway? Did you feel like you were maybe improving?

“Yeah, just mechanics: your footwork and your mechanics, the way you release the ball and different things like that. He’s got a very high reputation, obviously, and so it was cool to learn a lot from him and those guys down there. They do a great job.”

Do you feel your arm got stronger by going to him, stronger than last year?

“Yeah, I mean, I feel great. I’m throwing the ball well, putting it in the right spot and I feel good.”

So, you did what, like two sessions with him?

“Yeah, a couple, yeah.”

Before Jalen got here, you were used to having smaller, shifty guys in the slot. How much different is it having a big guy there and how much does it benefit you?

“I think it’s definitely beneficial. Jalen’s pretty solid physically and I think mentally is what makes him even better, the way he’s just not scared of anything. That’s been really cool to see in camp, and it’s nice. It’s nice to have a big body and obviously you saw it. It makes it easier on us.”

Safety Adrian Colbert

How do you feel about your game and where you are right now after being in the league a couple of years?

“I feel like I’m getting back to my old self. I’m healthy. That’s it. I’m trying to get back to my old self, to the one that everyone saw my rookie year. I feel like I’m finally back in a good place mentally and physically to go out and perform like I used to do.”

Why do you feel like you weren’t your old self last year?

“There are just a lot of reasons. A lot of outside things that I was dealing with and the way that I handled the offseason. Lessons, not losses.”

How do you get yourself back to where you want to be?

“I’ve prepared tremendously this offseason in ways that I wish I would have going into my second year. I wish I would have prepared the way I did this year, but I didn’t so I just have to live with it and work my way back up to what I used to be and where I used to be.”

Wide receiver Jalen Hurd

You are known for having the best hands on the team. Is that because you made the transition from the running back position?

“Honestly, I would say just working at it. When I first switched to receiver, I was on the JUGS machine for a very long, long time. I would catch five to six hundred balls in the offseason when I switched over to receiver. I am really just playing it out and consistently staying on it. Being strong as well helps and then having good balls skills, which kind of goes hand-in-hand.”

Is this a good indication tonight of what you can do in the red zone?

“Yes, I can do different things. We will see what they do with me. I love the opportunity, so I am just trying to seize the opportunity and make a play.”

How did you like the fact that you had a defender waiting for you at the goal line?

“It was nice. It made it look better. If I walked in, it wouldn’t have been as cool.”

Wide receiver Deebo Samuel

In a nutshell, is this game’s performance a good indication of the things you can do on the football field?

“Really I am just taking advantage of every opportunity I get out there.”

Did this debut give more confidence, not that you needed any?

“I played pretty well, but I am just blessed to be out there and play the game I love to play.”

How do you think San Francisco 49ers WR Jalen Hurd played?

“He played pretty well. Like [49ers Head] coach [Kyle] Shanahan said, we bring the physicality in the group. That over route for a touchdown that he caught, you can see with his big frame and with his body it is going to take more than one person to bring him down.”

Was it fun to watch?

“It made me excited.”