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5 Fun facts with Jalen Hurd

Tracy Sandler catches up with the 49ers rookie after his big preseason debut

Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Tracy Sandler is the founder of Fangirl Sports Network and helps us out after regular-season games here at Niners Nation. She caught up with San Francisco 49ers third-round pick and the star of the first preseason game Jalen Hurd to discuss five fun facts with the rookie.

Tracy asks Hurd his favorite food, which is pizza, because, why wouldn’t it be. Real quick, once Hurd gave his answer, were you expecting something else? I was. Then again, that’s probably the college kid in him, especially once he says where his go-to pizza place is. His favorite TV show? Another shocker.

You’ll also find out that Hurd is a self-proclaimed movie buff and a Steven Spielberg fan. Hurd’s two favorite movies are complete opposites. Hurd is also a board game fan. Who doesn’t love a good game night? He said Sellers of the Time Settlers of Catan, which I’ve never heard of. Hurd describes the game as a more intense monopoly. The final question was asking Hurd what his favorite football memory is. Check it out below, and good work as always, Tracy. Follow her on Twitter for similar content.