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49ers vs. Cowboys: Damontre Moore is your KSWOF player of the game

Moore saved us from overtime, and that’s enough to give him the coveted KSWOF award

When the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Dallas Cowboys 17-9 Saturday, the MVP was clear. There is an award that is significantly more important. The coveted Niners Nation KSWOF—Kory Sheets was Our Future—player of the game award. A player has to have a monster fourth quarter in the preseason. The award is in honor of the best and worst fan post in Niners Nation history.

I’m not going to lie; this was tough. Technically, Jalen Hurd caught his second touchdown in the fourth quarter. LaRoy Reynolds had the sack/fumble that put the 49ers in position to score and ice the game away. Reynolds only played 15 snaps, so that didn’t feel right to give him such a prestigious award.

We had some back and forth as a staff about this as well. Nobody knew who to pick, so I settled on Damontre Moore. He was the ironman that made plays early in the game and, most importantly, late in the fourth quarter. The Cowboys had the ball on their 48-yard line. It’s 4th & 1 with two minutes left in the game. Dallas tries to run the ball up the middle. They leave Moore unblocked on the backside, hoping a tight end can come from across the formation to pick him up. The tight end whiffs and Moore saves the day.

If Dallas converts there and they go down to score, possibly convert the two-point conversion, everyone hates their lives. So thank you, Damontre, for saving us from overtime.