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Deebo Samuel has to pay $3,713.58 bill at the 49ers rookies dinner

Welcome to the NFL, rookie

NFL: MAY 02 49ers Rookie Mini-Camp Photo by Stephen Hopson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s been quite the week for San Francisco 49ers rookie wide receiver Deebo Samuel. The former South Carolina Gamecock was in his first live-action last Thursday, where we saw him showcase the reason the Niners drafted him early in the second round. Samuel missed practice for unknown personal reasons on Tuesday, and on Wednesday night, he was the lucky rookie that had to foot the bill at the famous “Shanahan’s Steakhouse” in Denver, Colorado.

This is far from an article where we want you to feel sorry for Samuel. Nope. His $904K prorated bonus should be okay after paying $3,713.58. Every team does this every year. It’s still funny when the player you root for does it. Check out the bill:

If you aren’t familiar with Shanahan’s Steakhouse menu—owned by Kyle’s dad, Mike—the cheapest appetizer on the menu is $18. The steaks are custom-aged, and the smallest center barrel cut filet mignon at eight ounces is $47. If you’re going there, you are going to eat like a “King,” as the kids say.

Seafood Tower. Calamari. Crab Cake. Lobster Mac and Cheese. A couple of ribeyes and New York Strips. You name it, it was ordered. Dante Pettis had some fun with it as well, recording his dessert as well as Deebo.

I think it would surprise a lot of people that athletes don’t all eat as healthy as you would assume. This is one example, and I’m obviously not calling out Pettis, I love it. A marshmallow brownie sundae might be too much for me. When it’s free? Sign me up.

The accounting in me has questions. The real story here is the total adds up to $1,055. I’m no math major, but I do see a glass of wine. You do the math. Again, not a single thing wrong with adults drinking. Who cares. Just funny that they tried to fold the receipt or hide it. I’m interested in what they were drinking.