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Kittle believes Sherman’s mentality could be what takes the Niners to the next level

Kittle told Peter King he strives to be Sherman

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

We’ll get a chance to see the real San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman Monday night against the Denver Broncos. We might see some footage from practice over the next couple of days. He has looked like his dominant self during training camp, and everyone is taking notice.

George Kittle, who had some success in 2018, spoke like a fan when talking to NBC Sports’ Peter King about Sherman. He mentioned how he looked up to Sherman and had plenty more to say:

“His work ethic every single snap. Every snap for him is a Super Bowl rep. He’s not gonna let anyone beat him on any single rep. His mindset is always that I’m the best, and nobody can beat me.”

In practice last week, when the defense was giving up plays left and right to the offense, Sherman gathered the entire defense, not just the members on the field, and chewed them out. He wasn’t happy with the intensity or the execution on the field. His leadership goes far beyond a huddle, but when he does call you out, it’s impossible not to notice.

Kittle believes the way Sherman handles his business has a domino effect on the entire 49ers team.

“That’s what breeds competition. That’s how you have a good team. That’s our goal. If I can I do what Sherman does on every single play, then I can be one heck of a tight end.”

Iron sharpens iron.

In the interview with King, Kittle mentioned how Sherman led the “Legion of Boom” and how the 49ers can use that type of mindset to get the same type of results, a Super Bowl win.

“I firmly believe the NFL and football, a lot of it is in your head. You got your body, and you gotta be physical and stuff, but if mentally you can get yourself where you can go hit people, that makes you a really good football player.”

The talent is apparent when you watch the Niners. For a team with as many good players as they have, the confidence isn’t there. That’s where the confidence of Sherman comes in, especially on defense. I’d love for Kittle to let other teams know how good he is this season as well.